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Recommended restaurant in Ebisu this time is Ramen: Afuri.

Ramen: Afuri|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Afuri(score:4.5)
Business Hours 11:00 AM ~ 5:00 AM
Category Ramen Restaurant
Budget ~ ¥1,000
TEL +81-3-5795-0750
Address 1-1-7 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo
Business Holiday None
Access Ebisu Station (West Exit)
Seats 20
Credit Card Not Accepted
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking


・The place is close to Ebisu station-west exit.

・It will only take you for about 3 minutes on foot to get there.

・The building appears to be old but in a clean surroundings.


“A glimpse of the counter seats and the kitchen area.”

・Quiet and typical ramen house here in Japan.

・The shop has 20 counter seats in total.

・It’s very convenient when you are eating alone, (eat fast, move fast theme!lol!)

・Since the place can only accommodate 20 people at the same time so expect long lines more often than not.

・Most customers are Korean and Japanese people.

Recommended Menu

Ticket Vending Machine (pay first before the order is served)

Food Photos

“Yuzu Shio Ramen”

“Yuzu Tsukemen”

“Yuzu Ratanmen”

Additional information

・Recommended customers allowed in the restaurant
・You can choose from “hot noodles” and “cold noodles”. (Dressing is provided by cold)
・Tsukemen noodles can be changed to “Konnyaku noodles (+ ¥ 200)”

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