Ways To Say I love you in Japanese!

Love is the most requested topic online. It is true that expressing your sincere feeling can be really tough for some people but there are words that you can say to touch someone’s heart without sounding so fanciful.

In Japan, saying “I love you” isn’t a common thing to do because Japanese people are naturally born shy in expressing their thoughts and feelings toward someone.

Now, I want to talk about the phrases or ways that I’ve learned on how to say I love you in Japanese.


Hiragana あいしてる
Kanji 愛してる
Pronunciation [ahy-sh-teh-roo]

Aishiteru connotes a very strong emotion of love. To some people, saying this phrase is already like asking someone for marriage(maybe you can imagine what I mean by this).

Aishitemasu (あいしてます)

It is another way of saying I love you but rarely used by the native Japanese people. You can only hear aishitemasu or aishiteru mostly on tv dramas or movies.

Suki desu

Hiragana すきです
Kanji 好きです
Pronunciation [soo-kee-des]

This is the most common way of telling someone you like him/her in Japan. The direct translation is “I like you” but for Japanese, it already means like saying I love you or I have feelings for you.

It can also be used when you want to say you like something for example food, things, atmosphere, place and more.

Daisuke desu

Hiragana だいすきです
Kanji 大好きです
Pronunciation [dahy-soo-kee-des]

Almost similar to suki desu, this phrase means I really like you a lot in Japanese. Daisuke desu can be overwhelming but it is a common phrase to express your love or interest to someone/something.

Daisuki/Suki dayou (だいすき|すきだよう)

You can also use these expressions when telling someone you like him/her. These phrases really have the same meaning so it can also be used when you like something else.

Anata wa watashi ni totte totemo daijina sonzai desu.

Hiragana あなたはわたしにとって、とてもだいじなそんざいです
Kanji あなたは私にとって、とても大事な存在です

This long phrase gives a different level of approach when you are declaring your love to someone. Literally, this is like saying “You mean so much to me”. A very heartfelt declaration of love which I think, when used by Japanese people, can mean so much more.

Kotoba de anata he no aijyou wa ii arawase rarenai。

Hiragana ことばであなたへのあいじょうはいいあらわせられない。
Kanji 言葉であなたへの愛情は言い表せられない。

If you want to say your incomparable love to someone else in Japanese, this long yet heartfelt expression will surely help you convey your true intention towards someone. The literal translation is “Words can’t describe my love for you”.