Best Japanese perfumes | Scents That Truly Last!

Fragrance, scents, and aroma are the words that would often spark in mind when thinking of relaxation, sillage, confidence, and many more.

For decades of searching what’s the best scent to use occasionally, I have finally come up with some of the most promising and authentic Japanese perfumes that are worth the splurge.

Here’s the list of the best Japanese perfumes that can make you overjoyed by just spraying a little of it before leaving home!

Kenzo Flower

Product Information and Review

Product Name Flower by Kenzo Eau De Toilette
Manufacturer KENZO PARFUMS
Price Varies
Availability Offline and online shops

A neat and elegant fragrance inspired by poppies that bloom in the city. A neat and elegant fragrance reminiscent of the scent of many flowers like French soap.

With a focus on the Bulgarian Rose, it has a soft and balanced scent so that the three Accords can play music.

Sakura Eau de Parfum (55ml)

Product Information and Review

Product Name Sakura (CHERRY BLOSSOMS)
Perfumer/Scent Creator Miya Shinma
Price ¥21,650
Availability Official online shop

Light floral perfume, evoking a feeling of happiness. Sakura is one of the best-loved flowers in Japan.

Since the dawn of time, the appearance of the cherry blossom each spring has brought a thrill of joy and a feeling of happiness to the Japanese heart.

This joyous impression is reflected in the citrus and rose essence of the top note, while the middle note is given by peonies, absolute rose, and blackcurrant. The theme, fashioned from light and delicate shades, over time becomes sensual, carnal.

Hana Hikaru (50ml)

Product Information and Review

Product Name Hana Hikaru
Perfumer/Scent Creator Satori Osawa (Parfum Satori)
Price ¥17,600
Availability Tokyo Store, Official online shop

From the fruity top note, the creamy floral characteristic of magnolia gradually emerges, as the white fleshy flowers of the magnolia tree pour out the vitality gained from the earth.

Middle notes of white floral with a strong presence have a bright scent that shines from the inside despite the matte.

Last, Iris and Woody are balanced in balance with the sweetness of mitarashi and miso, which is nostalgic for Japanese people and keeps it soft and dry.

Using abundant natural fragrances such as absolute and essence, we are particular about the texture. The remaining skin is light.

Nightingale (60ml)

Product Information and Review

Product Name Zoologist Nightingale Deluxe Bottle
Perfumer/Scent Creator Tomoo Inaba
Price ¥16,000
Availability Official online shop

Luanched in 2016, Nightingale accompanies vibrant fuchsia-colored aromas of Japanese plum blossoms as they spread, infusing the tepid air.

It marks a fleeting moment of emotional awaking: to some a time for celebration and fresh starts; to others, a countdown to a departure for unknown horizons.

Zoologist captures the onset of the Japanese spring through Nightingale, a pink floral chypre that will melt your heart.

Deep, warm aromas of oud, patchouli, moss, incense, and ambergris seek to escape, seeping from the ruddy petals, to create a composition that’s complex and at the same time, simply desirable.

Shiseido Ever Bloom (30ml & 50ml)

Product Information and Review

Product Name Shiseido Everbroom Eau de Parfum
Manufacturer Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
Price ¥7,700 (30ml)
¥11,000 (50ml)
Availability Offline and Online shops

Choose your best beauty scent to smell young and fresh forever. The charm hidden inside shines like reminiscent of eternity.

At first, the clear fragrance is somehow transparent. A very inviting sillage that could make others notice your scent without doing anything.

The delicate white floral fragrance lasts longer than you can imagine and it’ll get more and more desirable as the hours passes by.