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Recommended restaurant in Ginza this time is Ramen: Kamitoku.

Ramen: Kamitoku|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Kamitoku(score:4)
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 香味徳
Business Hours 11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM
Category Ramen Restaurant
Budget ¥1,000
TEL +81-3-3561-5190
Address 1-13-6 Ginza | 1F Yamato Bldg., Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo Prefecture
Business Holiday None
Access Ginza Itchōme Station
Seats 11
Credit Card Not Accepted
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking

Access from the Station

Travel time on foot is approximately 1 minute from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line – Ginza Itchome Station, and 3 minutes from Toei Subway Asakusa Line – Takaracho Station.

You can also get off at Kyobashi Station which is just 4 minutes away from the shop.


Seeing the exterior design of this ramen place can be pretty reassuring!

Just look at the sleek and modern style of the building, it’ll surely give you satisfying feels!

Very easy to find especially for a foreigner like me because it has an English name printed on that blue banner outside.

Please expect to line up for a little while along with so many foreign customers.


Just like other ramen shops here in Japan, this place has a limited seats that can only accommodate a few at a certain time.

The dining area is so tidy that makes it so comfortable to eat regardless of the space.

There are only 11 counter seats to accommodate customers. Though it has limited seats, customers can dine alone, with a friend or co-worker, and also for couple’s casual dates.

You may experience a long queue while waiting for your turn as this place is really famous especially to the locals working nearby.

Recommended Menu

“Kamitoku Ramen”

The broth has a thick yet flavorful taste because it is made from beef bone soup and the noodles are best for slurping that you wouldn’t even notice it’s already empty!


These options will add taste to your preferred ramen bowl.

These two are a match made in heaven according to most of the customers who have already experienced dining here. Also, the friendly staff will help you decide which one to take and will even explain the additional toppings to bring out the best in your ramen bowl.

Additional Information

Recommended for dining alone, with a friend or co-worker, and also for couple’s casual dates.

People’s Review

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香味徳ラーメン Kamitoku Ramen Kamitoku Ramen has beaf bone soup ramen. It is different from usual ramen. Usual ramen soup are made of chicken, pork, fish etc… There is no bad smell of beaf, soup is clear and tasty. Ramen stores are located at Tottori Pre., Ginza, Tokyo and Hawaii has 3 shops. 香味徳ラーメンは、牛骨出汁のラーメンです。 牛独特の臭みが有るかなと思いましたが、臭みもなく、透明感の有るスープで、 イケます。 お店は、鳥取が本店で、東京、銀座、ハワイには3店舗(アラモアナショッピングセンター、トランプホテル前、ハワイ大学構内) 有ります。 特にハワイ店は、日本の芸能人が多数訪れています。 #ramen #noodle #kamitoku #delicious #forforeigners #香味徳ラーメン #牛骨ラーメン #グルメ #ラーメン #芸能人御用達 #芸能人 #食事 #外食

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銀座1丁目「香味徳」香味徳 鳥取ゴールド(通常650円→500円) ・ こちら5のつく日はワンコインデーなので、いつも並ぶのですが、雨のおかげか並びが少なめ。 この鳥取のご当地ラーメンは、牛骨スープの独特の香りとコクに、黒胡椒のパンチが効いて、クセになります。あれ?また麺やチャーシューがなんとなく進化したかも。 ニンニクな心配がほとんどしないキムチを、サービスの小ライスにのせたり、最後はそこに牛骨スープをぶっかけたりと、充実のワンコインランチでした。 ・ 銀座周辺まとめ→ #mn銀座 ・ #銀座 #銀座ラーメン #銀座ランチ #銀座ランチ部 #銀座ワンコインランチ #香味徳 #香味徳ラーメン #鳥取ゴールド #鳥取ラーメン #牛骨ラーメン #牛骨スープ #ラーメン #麺類 #麺類大好き #beefsoup #beeframen #ramen #ramenlover #kamitoku #kamitokuramen #ginza #tokyoramen

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