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Recommended restaurant in Azabu Juban this time is Yakiniku: Okumura.

Yakiniku: Okumura|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Okumura(score:4.5)
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 焼肉 おくむら
Business Hours 11:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM (L.O. 2 PM)
5 PM ~ 12 MN
Category Yakiniku Restaurant
Budget Lunch: ¥1,000 ~ up
Dinner: ¥6,000 ~ up
TEL +81-3-5474-8689
Address 1-5-29 Azabu Juban | Shuwa Miyashita-Cho Residence 1F, Minato 106-0045, Tokyo
Business Holiday None
Access Azabu-Juban Station
Seats 30
Smoking Establishment Yes


This yakiniku restaurant is conveniently located just approximately 5 minutes on foot from Azabu-juban station – exit 4.

The exterior design of the building is very simple painted in white with a big restaurant logo on top. It isn’t hard to find as it has a readable name which makes it even more convenient for foreign travelers. Expect long lines especially during peak hours, weekends, and holidays.


White covered sofa-style table chairs are just perfect for the place to make it more appealing and classy. The stylish interior design gives you a relaxing feeling while enjoying a very succulent meal. Eating alone is never an issue but it’s a lot better if you’ll share this experience with friends or colleagues. Cozy date with a fancy atmosphere in this restaurant will surely give you and your partner a fine and momentous evening to share with.

Recommended Menu

Famous meal set is a platter of yakiniku, or fresh wagyu beef that is adored by many customers and surely the reason why they keep coming back in this amazing place.

Additional information

・Recommended for family dining, with co workers, with friends, and for dating.

・Kids are welcome.

・Services offered:
Japanese sake (Nihonshu), Japanese spirits (Shochu), Wines

(Surprise) Party accommodations; Private use for 20 – 50 people.

・Cons: Secluded restaurant

People’s Review

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和牛ハラミ定食! 麻布十番の商店街奥にある焼肉屋【おくむら】では、ランチの焼肉定食が充実していて、嬉しいことに大好きなハラミも♡ しかも、タンやハラミでは稀少な黒毛和牛を使ってるので、キメ細かい脂感で、白米もススむススむ🍚🍖✨ #麻布十番 #ランチ焼肉 #おくむら #にくむら ——- <English> Wagyu outside skirt meal! "Okumura", a yakiniku restaurant located at the end of shopping street in Azabu-juban, has varieties of yakiniku meals at lunch and they even have my big favorite outside skirt meal♡ They use rare black cattle Wagyu for beef tongue and outside skirt, its smooth fat helps to have rice🍚🍖✨ #japan #tokyo #azabujuban #yakiniku #forlunch #okumura #yummy #foodpic #foodstagram

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牛タンLOVE(≡❤︎ ˑ̫ ❤︎≡)

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