Best Japanese Candies | Sweetness Overload!

Thinking about what to buy for your young ones here in Japan? Honestly, there are so many options to choose from that it gets even harder to decide which one to pick.

Let’s say for food, you got so many delectable choices in the supermarket or even convenience stores but there are always what we categorized as the “bests” among the rest.

Here’s a guide list of the best Japanese candy products that are really famous not only for children but for adults too in Japan and perhaps, even in different areas of the world.


Product Information and Review

Product Name CHOCOBALL
Manufacturer MORINAGA & CO., LTD.
Price ¥76/box
Availability Offline and Online stores

CHOCOBALL comes with 3 main choices: Peanuts, Caramel, and Strawberry (or what I have already tried so far).

It is coated in delectable chocolate in the outside that gets really tasty as you continue to savor its taste on the inside part. You can always try other flavors to check what suits you or your kids most.

This product has been introduced to the public since 1967 and it is without a doubt, one of the legendary sweets in history.

Choco Baby

Product Information and Review

Product Name Meiji Choco Baby
Manufacturer Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
Price ¥293 (jumbo size)
Availability Offline & Online stores

Choco Baby is probably one of the most-loved chocolate candies in Japan. It’s delicious melty taste brings so much joy to anyone who tries it.

Aside from the normal way to consume it, you can also use these chocolate bits as topping for your food decorations or for customizing your kid’s bread.

It’s worth buying for and it doesn’t really need to be consumed completely all at once since you can still preserve some in its own container.

Apollo Strawberry Cones

Product Information and Review

Product Name Meiji Apollo Strawberry Cones
Manufacturer Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
Price ¥130
Availability Offline & Online Stores

Another breakthrough from Meiji is this Apollo Strawberry Cones that has a combination of milky chocolate and straberry flavors!

With its cute design, no wonder this product is so loved by people of all ages! It is also very handy and the packaging is also great!

Please note that this product needs to be stored in a cool place below 28 degrees or else it’ll start to melt.