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Recommended restaurant in Ebisu this time is Ramen: Chorori.

Ramen: Chorori|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Chorori(score:4)
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 香湯ラーメン ちょろり
Business Hours 11:00 AM to 3:20 AM (next day)
Category Ramen Restaurant
Budget ¥1,000~¥1,999
TEL +81-3-3444-7387
Address 4-22-11 Ebisu, Shibuya 150-0013, Tokyo Prefecture
Business Holiday Sundays & Public Holidays
Access Ebisu Station
Seats 37
Credit Card Not Accepted
Smoking Establishment 11 AM – 3PM No smoking


The location is quite convenient as it is near the station and the estimated travel time on foot is just 6 minutes from Ebisu Station – East Exit.

The exterior is more like of a wooden house with green plants all over that makes it even more refreshing. Standing on the left side of the entrance is a red lantern with the name ramen on it written in Japanese symbols.


There are a total of 36 seats for customers accommodation at the dining area and the seats prepared are really comfortable to sit on.

It also has a relaxing vibe that adds comfort while eating delicious ramen bowl like no other!

Highly recommended when you are planning to dine with your family, friends, and co workers! Mot customers visiting this ramen shop are the locals working nearby.

Recommended Menu

~ Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen ~

Chorori is known for its onion-based broth that is very healthy and refreshing to begin with. The side dishes like gyoza and menma are also very popular.

~ Chinese Cold Noodles ~


Chinese cold noodles is recommended during the summer season. It has a a great taste and perfect for slurping!

Additional Information

Recommended when eating with the family, friends, and co-workers.

Services offered:
Drinks are available.

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