Ramen: Fuji Ramen in Asakusa | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Asakusa this time is Ramen: Fuji.

Fuji|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Fuji Ramen(score:4.5)
Business Hours 11:00 AM 〜 9:00 PM
Category Ramen Restaurant
Budget ¥1,000
TEL +81-3-3841-0315
Address 1-24-5 Asakusa | 1f, Taito 111-0032, Tokyo Prefecture
Business Holiday Once a month
(irregular holiday)
Access Asakusa Station
Seats 10
Credit Card Not Accepted
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 富士らーめん
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking


The estimated travel time on foot is 2 minutes from TX Line – Asakusa Station.

The building is definitely not new anymore. The restaurant’s name is written in Kanji form just right above the door.

There is also a noburi (Japanese banner) at the left corner with a well-written “つけ麺” on it.

Expect long lines every day when you finally decide to pay a visit.


There are only 10 counter seats to accommodate the customers. The entire dining area is indeed narrow yet comfortable to dine with.

There are foreign and local customers coming in and out at this famous place.

Recommended Menu

~ Tsukemen ~

Fuji Ramen is famous for its dipping noodles style and rich tonkotsu base broth. Noodles are freshly made at the shop.

Additional Information

Recommended whe eating alone, with a co-worker or a friend.

Limited space!

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