Izakaya: NATURA in Musashi Kosugi | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Musashi Kosugi this time is Izakaya: NATURA.

Izakaya: NATURA|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor NATURA(score:4.0)
Business Hours 5:00 PM ~ 1:00 AM (LO: 12 MN)
Category Izakaya/Dining Bar
Budget ¥4,000
TEL +81-44-722-0088
Address 3-428-6 Kosugimachi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki 211-0063, Kanagawa Prefecture
Business Holiday Monday
Access Musashi Kosugi Station (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)
Seats 26 seats (annex:40)
Credit Card Not Accepted
English Menu Unavailable
Smoking Establishment Yes

Access from the Station

Natura is conveniently located near the station. It will take you approximately 2 minutes on foot to get there.


Main Restaurant:

Annex on the 4th floor.


Their dining area is full of food pamphletes so customers can see and choose what to order. It is always crowded inside and even the annex area. This place is really very famous to Japanese people. The waiting time/ turn over time is up to 60 minutes long depending on the diners. It is also good for dating or dining in with friends and co-workers.

Menu Guide (taken from their website)

This restaurant is best known for Italian cuisine particularly on seafood, pasta, and wines. Their bestseller is “Carpaccio”

My Review


This one really tasted so fresh and yummy perfectly paired with fresh veggies.


Potato plus pork meat and other ingredients belonging here will definitely make you come back countless of times. It was a surreal experience for me and I’d say Natura is one of my favs.

“Garlic Bread and al Ajillo”

Garlic bread and al Ajillo is match made in heaven! Great taste of garlic dipped into the savoury seafood sauce.

“Crab and Fish in one”

Waiting time isn’t bad afterall. It’s about 5 minutes per order. Drinks are served for less than 5 minutes.

The customers are almost all Japanese. I seldom see foreign customers in this restaurant.

Addtional Information

  • ¥300 table charge/person.
  • Kids are welcome.
  • Cash basis only.


  • Delectable food menu
  • friendly staff
  • near the station


  • long lines almost every day.
  • a little expensive

People’s Review

❁ 片付けのご褒美に #ナチュラ に連れて来てもらいました🍻 座った席の壁にたくさんのメニューが貼ってあって、そこから食べたことない気になる物をオーダーしたら、何と #裏メニュー ばかりだった✨✨ 右下の #生ハムサラダピザ が久々のナチュラヒット!!! 定番メニューにしてくれるよう、頼んで帰宅しましたとさっ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶🍅🍆🌽 ナチュラに来ると100%頼む→ #バーニャカウダ #牛タンとごろごろ野菜のビーフシチュー #焼きキャベツのプロシュート と生ハムサラダピザは裏メニュー✨ #ナチュラ武蔵小杉 #NATURA武蔵小杉 #NATURA #イタリアン酒場

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先日、ソウルで一緒に過ごした友人家族と新年会をしました♫ みんな大きくなったなぁ。。あんなに小さかったのに、今やお酒も飲める歳になっちゃって😊一緒に飲めるなんて嬉しいね🍻😊 #ナチュラ武蔵小杉 #イタリアン居酒屋

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