Best Japanese Beers | Cheers To These Exceptional Drinks!

A great way to celebrate special occasions is to eat and drink delectable combos that will leave you fully satisfied in the end.

Of course, for random times and situations, a lot of us wish to just relax at home watch movies while quenching the thirst for alcohol.

Here are the best Japanese beers that you need to stock in your fridge that can help ease your stress or tiredness after work.

Asahi Super Dry

Product Information and Review

Product Name Asahi Super Dry
Manufacturer Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Price ¥197
Availability Offline & Online stores

Asahi Super Dry was a direct result of extensive market research which indicated a consumer preference for a more palatable beer with less maltiness, relatively high alcohol content and a light aftertaste, that paired well with the changing Japanese diet.

Truth be told, it becomes more and more popular as the years go by. Why? Well, its consistent remarkable taste is what people would always look forward to especially if it newly comes out of the fridge.

Sapporo Beer Black Label

Product Information and Review

Product Name Sapporo Beer Black Label
Manufacturer Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
Price ¥199
Availability Offline & Online stores

Sapporo Black Label was first introduced in 1977 and was known as Sapporo Bottled Draft (“draft” in this case uses the character for alive and means both that it is a draft beer but that it was unpasteurized).

At this time, labels were printed directly on the bottle and mixed with the unpasteurized characteristics of this beer, the label seemed to turn black when filled, giving this brew its unique nickname of Black Label.

Kirin Lager

Product Information and Review

Product Name Kirin Lager
Manufacturer Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Price ¥208
Availability Online & Offline stores

The Kirin Lager beer is made in Japan since 1888 and I bet, it is probably the most famous beer in Japan.

The greatness of its taste has been enjoyed by so many people all over the world for different generations.

Pours a pale golden color with a head that disappears into a ring fairly quickly. The aroma on this one isn’t as strong as lagers but the taste and feel are decent.