Yakiniku: Keijoen in Jiyugaoka | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Jiyugaoka this time is Yakiniku: Keijoen.

Yakiniku: Keijoen|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Keijoen(score:4.5)
Business Hours 11:30 AM ~ 11:00 PM
Category Yakiniku
Budget ¥3,000 ~
TEL +81 3-3723-1650
Address 1-26-3 Jiyugaoka, Meguro, Tokyo Prefecture
Business Holiday Tuesday
Access Jiyugaoka Station
Seats 102
Credit Card Not accepted
Smoking Establishment Yes

Access from the Station

This is Jiyugaoka Station (Main Exit)

This street will lead you the the right place. Just keep walking straight ahead.

As I have already stated, Main Exit of Jiyugaoka station is the nearest one you have. Travel time on foot is approximately 3 minutes.


This is the front view. The place is a little secluded and challenging to find because its name is written in Kana (Japanese Characters). I’d say that the outer view is still not old and neat-looking.

You’d have to take the stairs as it is the only facility you have to move to the upper floor which this restaurant is located.


I bet just like me, this “human-sized” mannequin wearing a traditional-style garment will be the first thing you’ll notice as you step into the restaurant.

I love how their ceiling is designed. The lights are just perfect for having a luxurious yet satisfying meals.

They have small and wide tables and chairs for their customers. Mostly occupied ones are for couple or good for 2-4 people. All of the tables have grilling equipment for yakiniku so everything is nicely set.

Recommended Menu

Restaurant’s Recommended Lunch Menu:

Yakiniku and Side Dishes Menu


Keijoen is famous for its palatable yakiniku set so most people recommend to try one for an amazing experience.

My Review

Salad topped with seaweeds.

Kimchi plate


Yakiniku (of different types)

A peek of the grilling part:

Perfectly grilled.

The average waiting time for the order to arrive is about 3 minutes or depending on the number of customers they have. The turn over time for every table is not so long so it’s okay to line up quite awhile.

Talking about the food, it was indeed an amazing experience. The taste of the meat is really scrumptious from light taste to strong ones. The meat is just soft and tender that I could finish my meal for only 10!

All of the staff are quite busy due to overwhelming customers coming in, but they made sure our requests are properly attended.

Services offered:
Available for takeout and party reservations.

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