Gyutan: Negishi in Shibuya | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant this time in Shibuya is Japanese Food: Negishi.

“Gyutan Tororo Mugi-meshi (Negishi)”

Established in 1981 with 38 branches here in Japan, this restaurant has proven its worth to be one of the bests and has been operating for a very long time! It aims to provide delectable foods and sincerity towards its customers with a commitment that the joy of the customers will be the ultimate goal.

Japanese Food: Negishi | Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Negishi (ねぎし)(score:4.0)
Business Hours 10:30 Am ~ 10:30 PM (LO:10PM)
Category Fine-dining restaurant
Budget ¥1000 ~
Contact 03-3486-5160
Address 2F Yamaguchi Bldg. Sinkan, 3-17-4,
Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
Holiday NO Holiday
Access JR Shibuya Station
Credit Card OK


The place is just 4 minutes away or less from JR Shibuya station on foot.

A view of the stairs going up to the second floor

Dining Area

Beautifully decorated dining area with lots of flowers and lamps.

“Menu book”

Looking at the menu makes me hungry!

other suggestion:

Actual Food Photos

“Beef Tongue – Negishi Set Meal” for ¥1,380.

I couldn’t put it into words of how this food exactly tastes like but it surely is beyond my expectation. It very easy to eat and just melting inside my mouth. lol!

“Grilled Juicy Chicken”

It is really very juicy with a combination of garlic and pepper tastes.

“Korean Salad” for ¥390

This one is a typical salad matched with their recommended dressing.

-salad dressing-

Overall, this restaurant is a must try for everyone! Given the convenience of the location plus their mouth-watering menus will surely give you one great unforgettable dining experience.