Yakitori: Tori Suzu in Shibuya | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Shibuya this time is Yakitori: Tori Suzu.

“Tori Suzu”

This izakaya is located on the second floor of Teluichville in Shibuya. They offer food and drinks like yakitori, beer, and lots of sour mixes. The entrance is just along the footwalk so you surely wouldn’t miss finding the place.

Tori Suzu | Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Tori Suzu(score:5)
Business Hours 5:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM
LO: 11:00 PM (food) and 11:30 PM (drinks)
Category Tavern/Izakaya
Budget ¥4000~
TEL 03-3400-0011
Address 2nd floor of Teluichville, 3-15-1 Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, Tokyo
Holiday Sunday
Access nearest station is JR Shibuya Station
Credit Card Accepted


Located just beside Hinoya(Curry Restaurant) and it is a couple of minutes away from JR Shibuya station.

“2nd floor outer view”


Food display just in front of the counter table. (noticed that there were only a few left)

A view of the kitchen area from the counter seat.

The place has a total of 23 seats (counter and table seats). A casual place for drinking here in Japan, dim-lit, comfortable with some noise from the other customers while enjoying their drinks.

Menu Guide

This is “Negima (grilled spring onion)” in “ToriSuzu”

The taste was really good considering that this one was coated with barbeque sauce. Waiting time is not much of a hassle because it was served timely for eating.

Tebasaki (Chicken wings)

Yakitori with negi (chicken barbeque with spring onion)

Ginnan (Ginkgo seeds)

Other Menu

Baked Tofu

Fish cake with wasabi

Tofu is really good with beer and the fish cake with wasabi compliments blend of the two.


My impression:
I absolutely loved the place and will come back if I have the chance. The food and drinks were all undeniably tasty and refreshing!