Motsu Nabe: Arizuki in Ikebukuro | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Ikebukuro this time is Motsu Nabe: Arizuki.

Motsu Nabe: Arizuki|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Arizuki(score:3 )
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 蟻月
Business Hours Mon – Sat: 11 AM ~ 11 PM
(L.O. 10 PM)

Sun, Holidays
11 AM ~ 10 PM
(L.O. 9 PM)

Category Motsu Nabe Restaurant
Budget ¥4,000~ up
TEL +81-3-5904-9550
Address 1-1-25 Nishi-Ikebukuro | 14F Tobu Department Store Main Building, Toshima-ku 171-0021, Tokyo
Business Holiday Irregular Holidays
(follows Tobu Department Store[Ikebukuro] holidays)
Access Ikebukuro Station
Credit Card VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, JCB
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking


Travel time on foot is approximately 3 minutes from Ikebukuro Station (JR line) – West Exit.

The exterior of this restaurant is indeed presentable enough and notably clean. Unfortunately, there’s no readable part of the restaurant’s name for foreigners unless one can read and understand Japanese characters.


“Table Seating”

The neatness of the place is undeniable upon entering this restaurant. Provided with proper ventilation, no need to worry about the atmosphere as you will dine with complete satisfaction.

Having lots of seats, this place can accommodate, solo diners, groups, families, and couples. The food menu here is really the talk of the town so expect it to be crowded at times.

Local people, Koreans, Americans, and other travelers can be seen visiting this place hoping to get a memorable dining experience.

Recommended Menu

Of course, their specialty is the Motsu Nabe (offal hot pot). It tastes so damn good, the soup with the perfect blend of ingredients, and the fresh offal which tastes so juicy and delicious.

Additional Information

・Recommended when eating alone, with friends, with co-workers, with family, and for dating.

・Kids are welcome.

・Services offered:
Drinks: Japanese sake (Nihonshu), Japanese spirits (Shochu), Wines, Cocktails

People’s Review

蟻月さんはモツ鍋屋さんですょ♡笑 でもマグロカツも美味かったとです😋 モツ鍋は人気のニンニクきいた味噌味で♡ 濃いめでしたがうまうまで、ちゃんぽん麺でシメましたが、シメ足りず(笑) 雑炊セットもいただきました😂💕 ごっつぁんです🙌💕笑 #蟻月 #蟻月🐜 #池袋#池袋東武 #東武レストラン #蟻さんを探せ🐜 #池袋グルメ #モツ鍋#もつ鍋 #味噌味 #ニンニク #マグロカツ #シメ の#ちゃんぽん #雑炊#うまうま #yummy #happy#thanks #ごっつぁんです #蟻月の謂われ 読んだらなんか良いこと書いてありました🐜✨ ✽+†+✽――✽+†+✽――✽+†+✽ 「蟻月の謂われ」 蟻は思う。 わが身の小ささに嘆くなかれ。 小さきことは、弱き事にあらず。 夢があれば、 志(こころざし)さえあれば、 いつかはきっと、月のように大きく、清々しく輝く存在になれるんだ。 蟻は思う。 小さきことは、弱き事にあらず。 蟻月

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