Ways on How To Get Diamonds on Hay Day!

Diamonds are one of Hay Day’s treasures that make every farmer’s life easier and better than just the normal play.

Though you can get diamonds randomly, it is still best if you can get some every time you play in your leisure time.

Read on if you want to know some of the easy ways on how you can collect diamonds even without spending too much time, money, and energy to it.

Completing achievements

Every achievement has 3 levels in which you can get rewards such as XP points and of course, diamonds. The last achievement level will give you the highest number of diamonds as a reward.


You may think it is very time consuming and difficult to complete each achievement but if you play every day, you wouldn’t even notice you have already completed one!

Open Red Mystery Boxes

These red mystery boxes that come in different sizes are like precious gems to my eyes. Why? These red boxes contain a lot of diamonds or rare items that can be very profitable.

I have experienced getting as much as 15 diamonds while opening the biggest red box that I found at my neighbor’s farm! Really AMAZING!

Discover New Fish

Catching new fish will give you diamonds and you can get up to 4 if you happen to catch a fish that weighs more than 4.5lbs or the platinum color.

Speaking of weight, if you catch a fish with a bronze value, you’ll get 1 diamond. Fish with silver (weight) value will give you 2 diamonds, and the gold value will give you 3 in total.

You see, if you are lucky enough, you’ll be rewarded with precious diamonds just by fishing!


Fishing net can also be used to get diamond especially when it’s with some garbage/trash upon cleaning session.

Global Event Completion

The global event completion does not happen every day but once it started, you can be rewarded with plenty of diamonds once you complete the needed stats.

For example, the global event stats include completing boat orders as much as you can, upon completion, you will get some awesome rewards!

Watch Advertisements/Trailers

Trailers or advertisements are the farmers’ lifesavers when it comes to free stuff. Yes, even diamonds can be rewarded to you.

I don’t really have a specific timing as to when, but rest assured you can get diamonds any time so better watch videos as much as you can.


Make sure to watch all of the videos that are viewable every day because it has a limit of I guess 5 videos/trailers only on a daily basis.


Mining is not as easy as it appears to be. You need to do it at least multiple times before you’ll be rewarded with 1 diamond.

Yes, just a diamond per successful mining but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it again and again. As long as you have lots of tools for mining, you can still get a lot of it!


The pickaxe is the best tool to use if you want to get diamonds while mining. I have not experienced getting diamonds using other materials other than the pickaxe.

Buying Mystery Package

Purchasing Mystery box is not really 100% guaranteed that you can get diamonds but it may be included inside along with some farm decors that you can use to accentuate the farm.


If you are wondering how to buy a mystery box, just keep on helping other farmers and they will send you a thank you gift card that you can use to buy the available mystery boxes.

Popping Tom’s Balloon(discount)

It is really seldom or almost close to never that this discount balloon will be converted into a diamond once the errand boy – Tom, let it popped in the air.

Just keep poppin’ it whenever you see it floating in the air, who knows, you can get lucky any time!

Playing Derby

Joining Hay Day’s Derby has a lot of advantages to your farm. You can get a lot of items once the derby is done guaranteed that you have completed all your tasks there in order to get horseshoes for amazing reward items!

It is not sure if you can get a diamond as a reward but if you got a lot of horseshoes, then it isn’t impossible at all!

Game Maintenance

The developer (Supercell) of Hay Day offers great compensation when the app is unavailable due to service/app maintenance.

I got 5 diamonds here because of some glitches that the developers were able to fix at a given time.

Really big thanks to this I could get extra diamonds without putting so much effort to it! lol!