How To Make Money on Hay Day!

Increasing coins on Hay Day is really something you have to work on and put more time and effort. I have come up with all of these steps on how you can get money on Hay Day a lot faster than the usual play that you do most of the time.

If you are into this game just like me, then I believe that these steps will be very effective for you as it did to me! Read on and try it afterward, believe me, a few minutes of your time reading will benefit you more than twice!

Play every day!

What else can help you boost your money/coin on hay day other than playing every single day? It may be a time consuming but if you really want to increase your money, then you have no other choice than to play it as much as you can (I seriously mean, EVERY DAY).

Buy and Sell

One of the most effective strategies that I have tried is buying cheap products from the Magazine and resell it on my roadside shop at its almost maximum price in the market.

Yes dear folks, just like in the real world, buy and sell strategy really works especially if you know how to play well!

You don’t really need to sell it at a maximum price (although it can help you faster) so just make sure you are selling items at a very competitive price.


The items for sale on the magazine is updated every 5 minutes or less so you better check it as much as you can to get good items on a cheaper value.

Plant and Harvest Crops

The more you plant, the more you can harvest crops that can help you increase farm production which means, more income and more chances of getting rare items for your farm expansion.


I always sell my crops at a maximum price and more often than not, all of my crops are sold in just a couple of minutes.

Complete truck orders!

Completing your truck orders are really challenging especially when you get a lot of rare items in just one order, however, it can also give you double or even triple money increase once completed.

Complete boat orders!

Boat orders are more challenging than truck orders because it has a time limit. Meaning, you need to complete the orders as fast as you can to send off the boat for a faster comeback.

Produce more items using machines.

I think machine production has helped me a lot in growing my own farm. Some items may take a little time to produce but once it’s done, it can give huge money when sold.

During some events, “lucky machines” as I call it, could get lesser time preparation to produce more products at a shorter time frame.


Again, the more products you can produce, the more income you’ll definitely get and it’ll be a big big help to boost your farm’s income.