Simple Tips and Tricks for Fishing on Hay day!

Tired of the normal farming on Hay Day? Worry not as this strategic game brings you to a different place where you can do more than just planting and hatching eggs.

The fishing area is such a fun place to play with and the higher you reach your level, the more you could unlock fishing tools or accessories.

I have narrowed down some of the useful tips and tricks on how you can maximize your fishing experience without getting bored so read on!

Expand your fishing spot.

Catching fish is more fun when you get to explore the other fishing areas but that can’t happen with just single play.

There are three items that you must collect in order to enjoy more fishing spots. Just like how you expand your farm with the deed of lands, mallets, and marker stakes so better start collecting these items.

The only way to increase the number of your tools for expansion is by playing Hay Day regularly do the normal chores to get awesome gifts.

Never run out of lures and nets.

You can’t get any fish without a lure and making one could take some time especially the red lures that take more than an hour to complete.

There are five types of lures as the options for fishing, the red, green, blue, purple, and gold lures that take different production time to complete.

Make the perfect timing by knowing the production time of each lures and make sure to continously produce it without wasting too much time!

Catch bigger fish to get more diamonds.

At first, I was really surprised to get diamonds after catching my very first fish that weighs for about 2lbs. The weight reached the bronze level which is equal to one diamond.

The heavier the fish weighs, the higher level it could get which could equate up to 4 diamonds as the platinum level. This is only possible for the first catch and the rest will just be a normal fishing day.

Using different lure colors can help you a lot in catching heavier fish or even new ones than using the normal red lures.