Useful Tips and Tricks for The Valley on Hay Day!

Here comes another Hay Day fun-filled area where you can get awesome rewards when you become active until the seasonal Valley ends.

There are so many tasks on Hay Day that sometimes or most of the time, it is really difficult to complete all in just one day.

The Valley has a lot of requests for tasks and quests which later on equate to getting some great items that are essential to your farm.

Now, here are some of the tips that I will share with you all on how to conquer all of these tiresome yet fulfilling quests in the Valley section!

Target the highest number of fuels from the fuel spin!

You might say, “Hey! Does that even possible?!” Well, honestly speaking, there about 95% possibility that you can hit the highest number of fuels in just one spin.

How will you do that? Simple. Try not to put so much pressure or force when spinning the wheel because you might end up getting the lowest free fuel if you do so.

It may not be easy at first but once you’re able to control it, you’ll end up getting the best reward in the long run.

I know it isn’t as easy as tapping PC’s keyboards my dear neighbors, but I’m sure you will get to understand what I mean.

Just control your energy when spinning and always aim for the maximum 9 fuels!

Focus on how to get points for fuel spin.

To complete the daily goal, you need to have lots of fuel because it can get really tough sometimes.

I know as I experienced getting stuck at the very last part of achieving my goal due to lack of fuel.

Check the available options on how to fill your points to get a free spin for fuel and better complete the available tasks as much as you can!

The spinning wheel also gets refreshed after 24 hours so you still have a chance for a new spin even without completing the required tasks to get some points.

Complete the daily quests!

The daily quests are your lucky tasks in getting some rare items or even plenty of diamonds inside the big box (if you get really lucky).

As I have mentioned, it is really easy to get things done when you have available fuels so your personal truck can travel and get some tokens or complete the rest of the mission.

Aside from these rewarding items that you can get for every completed quest, you can also get a lot of tokens of different colors and use them all to buy some items at the shop.