Gyukatsu: Gyukatsu Motomura in Harajuku | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant in Harajuku this time is Gyukatsu: Gyukatsu Motomura.

Gyukatsu: Gyukatsu Motomura|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Gyukatsu Motomura(score:4)
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) 牛かつ もと村
Business Hours 11 AM ~ 10 PM
(Last order: 10 PM)
Category Gyukatsu Restaurant
Budget ¥1,500 ~ up
TEL +81-3-6434-0655
Address 3-23-2 Jingumae | Jingumae NS Bldg. B1, Shibuya-ku 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture
Business Holiday None
Access Harajuku Station
Seats 17
English Menu Yes
Credit Cards Not Accepted
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking


“Ishiwata Building (outside view)”

The estimated travel time on foot is 7 minutes from (JR Line) Harajuku Station, and 5 minutes on foot from Meiji-jingumae Station.

The exterior of Jingumae NS building is quite old but it’s neatly maintained. As for the foreign travelers like me, it’s best to check the Kanji name of the resto first so as not to waste time upon your visit.

Since this is a widely known restaurant, expect it to be overcrowded most of the time and long lines can be really a burden but if you wish to have a secure spot faster, it’s best to come in early like 30 – 60 minutes before the shop opens. Also, bring a little more patience, will you? lol!


The interior of the restaurant is beautifully designed to match the mood and the food they serve. The lighting is just dimly lit which is good for relaxation. There are about 17 available seats to accommodate the customers.

If you are dining alone, counter seats will be the best spot. This place is also recommended if you’re with a friend or co-worker, and even for dating.

Recommended Menu

Beef Cutlet & Barley Rice Set”

This place is best known for its deep fried beef cutlet or commonly known here in Japan as “Gyukatsu”. Their beef cutlet is described as tender and juicy. It gives that satisfying taste to the customers!

It comes with a mini stone grill just for customers who wish to grill the inner part of gyukatsu longer than necessary. This setup mostly applies to foreign customers.

Additional Information

・Recommended when eating alone, with co-worker, with friend, and for dating.

・Services offered:
Set meals available.

Free WiFi service.

・Cons: Secluded Restaurant

People’s Review

ケンドンが日本に1週間滞在してる時に3回も食べに来た牛カツ美味しすぎた😬🍓 成田で会ったお姉様方にもと村で遭遇は笑ったwww ケンドンが座った席に座らせて貰えたし頼んだメニューも教えて貰えたし店員さんも最高だった(訂正:ケンタは3回食べたって言ってたけど、ドンハンが2回って訂正しましたww). . The cows that came to eat three times when I stayed in Japan for a week were too tasty 😬🍓 Encounter laughed at the village by the elder sister who met at Narita ww I was allowed to sit at the seat where Kendon sat, and I also taught the menu I asked for and the clerk was also the best #JBJ #もと村 #牛カツ #牛カツもと村

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