Easy Ways on How To Get Gift Cards on Hay Day!

Playing Hay Day is a hobby that I have been doing for the past couple of months and the more I play it, the more it gets interesting than the rest of the time I spent on it.

There’s a saying that goes: “Lend a hand and you’ll be rewarded”, and this exactly what happens when you help other farmers on Hay day in fulfilling their order requests.

Another token that you can use to buy some decors and diamonds are gift cards in exchange for helping other farmers so here are some of the ways on how you can actually get as many gift cards as you want!

Find and revive trees and bushes.

If you’ll see the sign asking for help, do not hesitate to help out whenever you can and you’ll be rewarded with gift cards that you can use to buy mystery boxes that may contain farm decors or even diamonds.

Whenever you help other farmers revive their plants, you can get thank you cards or commonly known as the gift cards.

Help with boat orders.

Helping out with boat orders is also another way of getting the gift cards that you need to purchase something later on.

Once you’ve filled in the crate, you’ll automatically get the XP points and the coins, plus you’ll also receive a gift card once it has been completed.

Help with truck orders.

Another way of getting these gift cards is by filling in truck orders whenever someone asks for help!

Just like with boat orders, you can also get XP points, coins, and gift certificates once you’ve accomplished truck order help request.

Help with town orders.

Town orders are also important if you want to get lots of gift cards for buying decors to your farm or even diamonds.

I have to admit, helping out in some town orders can be pretty challenging at times but if you surely want to get lots of thank you letters from other farmers, do not hesitate to offer some help!