Useful Tips for Derby on Hay Day!

Hay Day’s really a good choice to kill time whenever I’m bored and it gives me a sense of responsibility to manage something and put some efforts to make it grow.

One of the most exciting parts of the game is the Derby event where you need to complete a certain task to get some points and eventually get horseshoes which you can be rewarded with amazing gifts after when the derby ends.

To be able to play it better and manage how to get more from the Derby event, here are some tips that you should know.

All hood members must be willing to contribute.

Yes, peeps! The most important thing about Hay Day’s Derby is for all hood members to participate and contribute points so there will be a higher chance of winning and moving to a higher derby level.

Derby is a competition between neighborhoods and that means, constant teamwork is needed.

Increase your hood members by sending invitation requests.

As you can see from the first picture above, my neighborhood has only three members now so it is really difficult to achieve high points during derby events and for us to achieve our goal, we need to use all of the available tasks and complete all accordingly.

Each hood member should initiate inviting joiners until the hood members reached a maximum number of 30(limit).

The button with the envelop icon lets you send neighborhood invitation request to other Hay Day farmers so do not hesitate to tap it when you need more hood members.

Make sure to complete the task that you take.

At some point when you get too excited to take a single task, you might forget to consider if the task was really doable for you or you’ll just end up failing to complete it.

My take is that, before you grab a task, always consider everything first. There are some situations when you just need to delete the task because it’s really impossible to complete and when that happens, you’ll end up getting limited task opportunity.

You must play regularly or at least until the derby ends.

You might feel pressured because of the need to play Hay Day on a daily basis so you can complete your task on time, but this is not just the benefit that you can get out of it.

If you manage your farm daily, you get the chance of having rare items as rewards even just for planting crops or taking care of your pets and animals.

Make your derby task a top priority during the derby event.

Some of the derby tasks have limited time to complete and the only way to surpass it is by putting most of your playtime to it!

Seriously, derby event isn’t that difficult to do if you are 100% focus on what you need to accomplish. It’ll only get tough if you don’t even know what to prioritize first.