Curry: Hinoya Curry in Shibuya | Information and Reviews

Recommended restaurant this time in Shibuya is Curry: Hinoya Curry.

Japanese curry is one of the highly suggested dishes in Japan for foreigners. It is commonly served as rice and curry sauce plus a combination of some vegetables which basically are onions, potatoes and carrots all in one. It then becomes a traditional dish for every family that is easily cooked at home.

“Hinoya Curry”

A famous Japanese curry shop located in Shibuya that is actually one of the bests among other curry shops here in Japan. Location wise and a budget-friendly food menu, no wonder it is chosen by many.

Curry: Hinoya Curry | Feature Reference

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Open time 11:00 AM – 23:00 PM
Category Japanese Restaurant
Budget ~ ¥1000
Contact 03-6427-5797
Address 3 Chome-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0002
Access JR Shibuya station
Credit Card No (Ticket Vending Machine)

Restaurant View

This vending machine can be found outside just near the entrace.

Located at the corner of the street, just a few walks away from the JR-East Shibuya station, this place is very convenient and hassle-free to find.

Dining Area

“a glimpse of the kitchen area”

“counter table view”

“available seats at the right side”

This restaurant has a counter-style dining area that is about twenty seats in total, and a perfect soft lighting with good music that adds up to its relaxing ambiance. Enjoying the music while waiting for the food to be served in no less than 10 minutes. The staff is also very accommodating and professional rendering service to the customers.

“MENCHIKATSU Curry” in Hinoya

Its superb curry sauce has that sweetness which eventually adds a distiguishing spicy taste.

Other Menu


The crunchiness of katsu plus the sweet and spicy curry is are just perfect!

Adding some toppings is optional but surely you wouldn’t want to miss trying out these two:

It’s called as “fukujinzuke” (Japanese pickles)

This one is called “rakkyo” (chinese onions)

All condiments mentioned are considered to be a relish for eating Japanese curry!