Best Way To Use Tom on Hay Day!

Running farm errands can be pretty tough for every farmer on Hay Day because of so many things to do like producing items, taking care of pets and animals, planting and harvesting crops, and completing order requests.

Like any other difficult situations on Hay Day, there is always a way to handle things with ease, and get things done no matter how challenging it may be, and that is by getting some help from the errand boy, Tom.

Tom really makes my Hay Day tasks easier so I have listed some of the ways on how you can utilize his service very well and these are all based on my own experience!

Earn more coins faster!

By getting Tom, you can increase your farm earnings the fastest way possible. Yes, that’s absolutely right! You can do it whenever Tom is there to help.

What you see in the picture above shows the price of the diamond ring up to a maximum of 9 pieces and that is the most reasonable offer across all over Hay Day farmers.

Like what I always do, get the maximum number of jewelry and sell it at its highest price, then you’ll see your farm coins will increase in no time!

Buy saw to cut down trees.

When you have so many trees that need cutting, then Tom is the best option you have for help whenever you need a lot of saws to use.

Finding it in the market is never easy because saws are also like any other rare finds. With the help of Tom, you can get up to 9 pieces of it at its cheapest value.

Whenever you get the chance to ask Tom for help, always choose the maximum number of items that he has among the other options. You can always keep it in your storage or resell it to other farmers.

Finding essential tools for mining!

Mining tools are essential ones if you want to get ores and diamonds at the same time. If you have Tom on stand by, you can get any mining tool that you wish to have.

Checking on the magazine is also one way of getting some help, however, the price can reach up to its highest value unlike with Tom, you can get the most reasonable offer in the market.

Although Tom’s help line isn’t gonna last forever, you can gather mining tools as many as you can so make sure to maximize his service very well.

Completing town, boat and truck order requests.

Tom really offers great help when it comes to completing order requests may it be from truck or boat orders.

During special events for the town, truck and boat orders, do not hesitate to hire Tom if you want to get awesome treats afterward.

Tom’s service can be really expensive because you need at least 15 diamonds in order to hire him so take my advice and that is to never run out of diamonds for Tom!

Buying missing crops or items for production.

There are times when you unintentionally fail to reserve some items or crops for producing some products in your farm and if you cannot find it through the Hay Day magazine or roadside shops, you can always rely on Tom.

You can ask him to get some lacking crops for your farm or even animal feeds so you no longer need to worry about your animals not getting any food at all.

Tom does his job diligently so do not waste a single minute when you hire him and just get things done in your farm with his help.