Simple Tricks on How To Get Frogs on Hay Day!

Hay Day isn’t just a simple game to play like how I imagined it to be. It offers excitement while keeping you entertained every time you open the game app.

As the level slowly increases, you can expand the farm while adding some decorative stuff that can enhance your farm’s appearance.

It has always been one of my down moments whenever I couldn’t see my little friends jumping around the farm so I figured out some ways to make these stay within my newly built Hay Day realm!

Decorate your farm with small and big ponds.

Small and big ponds attract frogs to your farm so make sure to buy one when browsing through Hay Day store.

Aside from attracting frogs, it also adds up to the beautification of your own farm and I tell you, it’ll surely make it appear more realistic than the usual farm.

At first, I tried adding one small pond near the feed mills. With this, I am hoping to get more frogs visiting my farm.

Lure the frogs by placing the pond near them.

If you want to attract them, place the pond near them, and that’s it! All you need to do is just sit back and relax while checking your farm from time to time.

At some point, you will eventually notice that these frogs are coming from nowhere and sooner they wouldn’T wish to leave your farm anymore.

Add more pond decorations!

The more pond decorations, the more you attract frogs to your farm so if your goal is to have a lot of them jumping around, you can add as many as you can.

If you want to see them coming out of the pond, just tap the pond a couple of times and these frogs will eventually come out!

Addtional Tip:

Hay Day swamp also has a lot of frogs hiding and you’ll see them all once you’ve cleaned it up with a shovel.

After cleaning up the swamps, you can place the pond near those frogs and they will just eventually jump into it.