Ways on How To Get Puzzle Pieces on Hay Day!

Time passes by so fast whenever I play Hay Day! It’s like anyone could easily get hooked into it without having a second thought. Well, why not? There are a lot of things to look forward to while managing Hay Day farm.

Collecting puzzle pieces may take time but once you’ve completed it, you’ll get to see cute animals roaming around your sanctuary area so here are some simple ways on how you can collect ’em all.

Collect Derby Rewards!

Completing tasks on derby can give you points that are needed to get amazing rewards once it ended. All you need to do is just focus on completing your task and rest assured your hard work will pay off.

The more you can collect horseshoe through task completion, the more you’ll get the chance of finding these puzzle pieces that are important for crowding your sanctuary.

The question marks inside the green box are the mystery prices that every derby participant could get so it may or may not contain a puzzle piece for sanctuary animals.

Find Red Tool Boxes

Red toolboxes have three different sizes but mostly you’ll find the small ones everywhere at any given time. Some of these boxes are unlocked and that means you can get exciting rewards once opened.

If you cannot find any red toolbox within your farm, then it’s time for you to visit other farms and I can guarantee you, you’ll gonna see one regardless if it’s locked or unlocked so just take chances!

Collect Boat Rewards!

Another way to get some puzzle pieces is by fulfilling your boat orders accordingly. Only your own boat orders can give you some puzzle pieces if you get lucky enough.

Sorry to burst your bubbles but completing boat crates from other farmers do not count at all so you really need to focus more on your boat orders rather than helping others!

Right! I know what you’re exactly thinking! Completing boat orders need so much time and effort because it can be really a massive order at times.

Find Treasure Chests!

For those who have not noticed it yet, treasure chests can be found when you enter the town area. It’s floating near the shore so you can immediately see it once it becomes available.

If you found a shining treasure box half-sinking in the water, just tap on it and see what kind of item you’ll get after opening it.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Free spin happens once a day but if you are not satisfied with the item that you got, you can always pay some diamonds to get another spin.

There are also other available items so you might end up getting regular items from there so don’t keep your hopes up. Just keep playing daily and you’ll surely be getting some puzzle pieces!