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Recommended restaurant in Shinjuku this time is Ramen: Yasuo.

Ramen: Yasuo|Feature Reference

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TripAdvisor Yasuo(score:5)
Restaurant’s Name (Japanese) ラーメン ヤスオ
Business Hours Monday – Friday
11:30 AM 〜 7:30 PM(L.O. 7:25 PM)

Saturday and Public Holiday
11:30 AM 〜 3 PM(L.O. 2:55 PM)

Category Ramen House
Budget ¥1,000
Address 2-29-3 Yoyogi | Shibuya Tokyo
Business Holiday Sunday
Access Minami Shinjuku Station
Seats 8
Credit Card Not Accepted
Smoking Establishment Non-smoking


The estimated travel time on foot is 1 minute from Minami Shinjuku Station (Odakyu Odawara Line).

Plain and simple exterior concept and the restaurant’s name is written in Japanese characters so it is a little challenging for foreigners to locate quickly.


“The counter seats”

“Ticket Vending Machine Menu Option”

The interior of this ramen shop is indeed simple and a very limited space. Most of their customers are locals, employees working nearby the area.

Expect this place to be crowded most of the time not only because of its delicious food menu but also because of the limited seats.

Recommended Menu

“Maze soba”

This dish is a popular choice in this shop and highly recommended by many people.

Additional Information

・Recommended for solo dining, and with co-worker or friend.

・Kids are welcome!

・Cons: Secluded restaurant

People’s Review

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